Example Projects

This doc supplements our Tutorial for people who want to try Tilt but don’t have a suitable project on hand. It describes two example projects we’ve built that use Tilt.

These projects can also be useful to confirm Tilt is working as expected in your environment.


Oneup is a simple app that starts one service.

First, check out the Tilt repo.

git clone https://github.com/windmilleng/tilt
cd tilt/integration/oneup

We’ll be looking at the oneup project in integration/oneup.

In the oneup directory, run

tilt up

Your terminal will turn into a status box that lets you watch your server come up. When it’s ready, you will see the status icon turn green. The logs in the botton pane will display “Serving oneup on container port 8000.”

Type b to open oneup in a browser window. Your browser will open http://localhost:8100. You should see the text 🍄 One-Up! 🍄.

Congratulations! You’ve run your first server with tilt.

Type ctrl-C to quit the status box. When you’re finished, run

tilt down

to turn off the server.


Servantes is a personalized homepage app implemented with many microservices in multiple languages. You can run it with the commands

git clone https://github.com/windmilleng/servantes
cd servantes; tilt up

Each widget is implemented by a different microservice backend.

Servantes uses many features of Tilt, and so can be a useful reference.