Big News!  Tilt is joining Docker



Tilt 0.17.4 adds the experimental_analytics_report Tiltfile builtin. This allows teams working with Tilt to better measure and improve their Tilt usage.

The main goal of this is to allow developer experience engineers working with Tilt to de-anonymize their teams’ analytics data, identify teammates who are running into problems with Tilt, and then understand and solve those teammates’ problems.

As the name says, this is experimental. It is intended only for use in coordination with the Tilt team.


experimental_analytics_report takes a single Dict[string,string] of tags to report per user. This function causes Tilt to report all data specified, plus the (anonymized) machine and repo hashes to the Tilt analytics server.

To work with existing dashboards, a Tiltfile needs to set the ‘’ tag, e.g.:

username = str(local('whoami')).rstrip('\n')
experimental_analytics_report({'': username})

This will allow the Tilt team to work with you to build a dashboard showing Tilt usage metrics broken down by individual usernames.

The value might come from “whoami” (as in the example above, which would just show the user’s local username) or some fancier command, e.g., ldapsearch, depending on your company’s infrastructure.

Other uses

This is an experimental feature, and there are not self-service graphs for any arbitrary data you’d like to attach. If you have other data you’d like to send to Tilt and see analytics for, please talk to us about it!