Tilt Partner Program

We have a number of partnerships with teams that we meet with to get feedback and help prioritize things.

Our attention is limited. We can only run active partnerships with a select few teams at a time. We want to make sure this is a good use of time for both of us. Here’s what we look for:

  • A team of at least five engineers that expect to use something like Tilt for their day-to-day development
  • A microservice app where Tilt would be able to add value
  • A dev or dev-ops person who’s willing to evaluate Tilt and get it setup

When we kick off a partnership, we ask that you:

  • Check in with us bi-weekly over video chat to help with the first month or two of onboarding
  • Join a shared Slack channel for one-off support
  • Enable analytics in Tiltfile
  • cd into the repo where you’re using Tilt. Run tilt doctor. Send us the analytics settings at the bottom, e.g.:
Analytics Settings
- Mode: opt-in
- Machine: 8c581ff2fc00c6a47ecbd50abe47fb40
- Repo: 3QLdKIWhsYTCsPI0vtsx6Q==

We use the aggregate data so that both of us (our team and your dev-ops team) has an accurate picture of how your team is using Tilt and what parts of it are slow. For more info, see “What does Tilt send?”.

If this sounds interesting to you, please email our CEO Dan to get set up.