Tiltfile Resource Assembly Migration

Tilt is changing how it combines k8s objects and images into Tilt resources. The new behavior is to simply make one Tilt resource per k8s object that has at least one container.

The TL;DR is:

  • Your tilt resources’ names might change.
  • You might need to change how you’re calling k8s_resource.
  • You might need to temporarily add a call to k8s_resource_assembly_version to the top of your Tiltfile.

The old k8s_resource behavior was kind of weird: sometimes you could just use the image name, and sometimes you’d pass the yaml, and sometimes you’d pass the image. Sometimes it was used for creating a resource, and sometimes it was used for configuring an existing resource.

We’ve eliminated k8s_resource’s ‘yaml’ and ‘image’ parameters. It’s now a function for configuring a workload’s resource. (See the API docs for the new k8s_resource)

Migrating to the new behavior should mostly be a matter of:

  1. Add a call to k8s_resource_assembly_version(2) to the top of your Tiltfile (if running Tilt version < 0.8.0)
  2. Remove any ‘yaml’ or ‘image’ args to k8s_resource calls
  3. and make sure any removed ‘yaml’ args from (2) are passed to k8s_yaml somewhere else in your Tiltfile.
  4. If your k8s_resource calls say unknown resource (because Tilt now names by k8s object instead of image), either change the first arg to k8s_resource to match the new name, or use workload_to_resource_function to change the naming rules.
  5. Let any teammates know that they need to upgrade Tilt.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you run into any problems or confusion!


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