Active Hours Metric

Choosing a good metric to track adoption is difficult. We recommend “Active Hours”. Active Hours tracks during how many hours a user was active in Tilt. E.g. if Alice used Tilt at 1:03PM, 1:15PM, 3:07PM and 4:21PM, Alice had 3 Active Hours (1PM, 3PM and 4PM). We recommend it because:

  • Simple to explain. Group activities into hours and count.
  • Encourages more usage. Unlike a metric like “Weekly Active Users”, Active Hours encourages making sure users are finding real value in Tilt.
  • Dashboardable. You can put it on a graph week-over-week.
  • Actionable. The data that generates Active Hours also lets you find inactive users.
  • Extensible. We can extend this metric to account for more specifics.

It’s easy to track Active Hours with Tilt. We’ve built tools to make it easy to record this with Tilt and Tilt Cloud. Contact us to get access before it’s generally available.

Other pages will talk more about how to use Active Hours to close feedback loops between AppDev and DevEx.