The Missing DevEx Book

Developer Experience gets ignored. Computer Science is a whole degree. Ops/DevOps/SRE is an active discussion, with dedicated conferences. DevEx doesn’t even get a book. There’s no DevEx book.

DevEx is just a bunch of islands: in each company people figure it out for themselves and repeat mistakes for no great reason.

Sharing What We Know

We want to share what we’ve learned. This isn’t a book (yet). It’s a site where we can describe techniques that can improve the process of rolling out a tool.

Most of the content isn’t specific to Tilt. It’s techniques that apply any time you’re rolling out a tool. We will use Tilt examples, and of course some techniques are specific to Tilt.

Team Usability Shouldn’t Be An Afterthought

We care that Tilt fits your real world dev, beyond a slick Hello World demo. Helping to smooth the roll out is part of that, even though it’s a temporary phase. That’s part of the craftsmanship we take pride in.

Tilt cares about problems you haven’t run into yet, so that you never have to run into them.

How To Use This Site

This isn’t homework: you don’t have to read the whole thing. It’s a cookbook with a bunch of suggestions we’d offer. If one or two make your job easier or more rewarding, it’s done its job.