Polish a Tilt-enabled Shiny Feature

Leverage a Tilt-enabled shiny feature to catch attention

Tilt is a powerful tool that allows you, as the DevEx person, to offer an optimized developer experience for your team. You may be tempted to get everything right before rolling out Tilt to AppDevs. But just as you should focus on a small set of AppDevs to start, spend effort on delivering just one or at most two Tilt-enabled functionalities that will really wow your AppDevs. AppDevs are already bogged down during a busy work day, often switching between many dev tools. So catch their attention with a new shiny feature that your new Tilt-focused DevEx platform provides.

Polish the shiny feature

Tilt out of the box already provides an elevated AppDev experience, such as a streamlined web UI consolidating all parts of your app. But the real magic of Tilt lies in the fully customizable Tiltfile, allowing for a truly unique experience that targets your team’s specific needs, different from any other company, or even any other team within your company. Invest in the extra effort to polish a shiny feature that really stands out, beyond what was previously possible prior to rolling out out Tilt. It bears repeating: Focus on depth over breadth. Identify one feature to make really shiny, instead of delivering multiple features that will turn out to be less memorable. Only once you’ve captured the hearts of those initial AppDevs with that first shiny feature, you can move on to the next one.

Shiny ideas

Here’s a few ideas to deliver a wow feature. Reach out to us if you need help. We’d love to chat!

Surface all parts of your app in Tilt: Apps, especially cloud-native apps, have increasingly many components. Oftentimes AppDevs have simply given up trying to see the big picture, and only focus on setting up a small handful of microservices at a time during development, resulting in frustrating problems such as inconsistent data or outdated APIs. Consider including as many resources in the Tiltfile as you can, that’s still relevant to development. Use Tiltfile Configs to further offer customized scenarios, for example, the frontend config vs the backend config.

Deploy in seconds, not minutes: Building images and deploying them to containers is often one of the most frustrating parts of cloud-native development, because it can take minutes. Configure live_update in your Tiltfile to deploy code directly to running containers, turning minutes to seconds.

Seamless code collaboration and team support: If your team finds it hard to collaborate because of tooling shortcomings, set up snapshots. Set up Tilt Cloud for your team, getting clearance from Security as needed.

Create your own: Many folks have already created a Tilt extension to deliver a wow feature for their team. See the list or contribute a new one.


Use this if

  • You are just starting to create an onboarding strategy and considering ways to get buy-in from developers.
  • You’ve had some success converting users, but many of them tell you the benefits of Tilt weren’t obvious at first.

Skip this if

  • Users are already quickly onboarding to Tilt and understanding the benefits right away.

You know it’s successful when

  • You consistently see more aha moments from new users.