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Tilt CLI Reference


Multi-service development with no stress


Tilt helps you develop your microservices locally. Run ‘tilt up’ to start working on your services in a complete dev environment configured for your team.

Tilt watches your files for edits, automatically builds your container images, and applies any changes to bring your environment up-to-date in real-time. Think ‘docker build && kubectl apply’ or ‘docker-compose up’.


  -d, --debug      Enable debug logging
  -h, --help       help for tilt
      --klog int   Enable Kubernetes API logging. Uses klog v-levels (0-4 are debug logs, 5-9 are tracing logs)
  -v, --verbose    Enable verbose logging


  • tilt alpha - unstable/advanced commands still in alpha
  • tilt analytics - info and status about tilt-dev analytics
  • tilt api-resources - Print the supported API resources
  • tilt apply - Apply a configuration to a resource by filename or stdin
  • tilt args - Changes the Tiltfile args in use by a running Tilt
  • tilt ci - Start Tilt in CI/batch mode with the given Tiltfile args
  • tilt completion - Generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
  • tilt create - Create a resource from a file or from stdin.
  • tilt delete - Delete resources by filenames, stdin, resources and names, or by resources and label selector
  • tilt demo - Creates a local, temporary Kubernetes cluster and runs a Tilt sample project
  • tilt describe - Show details of a specific resource or group of resources
  • tilt disable - Disables resources
  • tilt docker - Execute Docker commands as Tilt would execute them
  • tilt docker-prune - Run docker prune as Tilt does
  • tilt doctor - Print diagnostic information about the Tilt environment, for filing bug reports
  • tilt down - Delete resources created by ‘tilt up’
  • tilt dump - Dump internal Tilt state
  • tilt edit - Edit a resource on the server
  • tilt enable - Enables resources
  • tilt explain - Get documentation for a resource
  • tilt get - Display one or many resources
  • tilt logs - Get logs from a running Tilt instance (optionally filtered for the specified resources)
  • tilt lsp - Language server for Starlark
  • tilt patch - Update fields of a resource
  • tilt snapshot -
  • tilt trigger - Trigger an update for the specified resource
  • tilt up - Start Tilt with the given Tiltfile args
  • tilt verify-install - Verifies Tilt Installation
  • tilt version - Current Tilt version
  • tilt wait - Experimental: Wait for a specific condition on one or many resources
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