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Tilt CLI Reference

tilt up

Start Tilt with the given Tiltfile args


Starts Tilt and runs services defined in the Tiltfile.

There are two types of args: 1) Tilt flags, listed below, which are handled entirely by Tilt. 2) Tiltfile args, which can be anything, and are potentially accessed by config.parse in your Tiltfile.

By default: 1) Tiltfile args are interpreted as the list of services to start, e.g. tilt up frontend backend. 2) Running with no Tiltfile args starts all services defined in the Tiltfile

This default behavior does not apply if the Tiltfile uses config.parse or config.set_enabled_resources. In that case, see and/or comments in your Tiltfile

When you exit Tilt (using Ctrl+C), Kubernetes resources and Docker Compose resources continue running; you can use tilt down ( to delete these resources. Any long-running local resources–i.e. those using serve_cmd–are terminated when you exit Tilt.

tilt up [<tilt flags>] [-- <Tiltfile args>]


      --context string                   Kubernetes context override. Equivalent to kubectl --context
  -f, --file string                      Path to Tiltfile (default "Tiltfile")
  -h, --help                             help for up
      --host string                      Host for the Tilt HTTP server and default host for any port-forwards. Set to to listen on all interfaces. Overrides TILT_HOST env variable. (default "localhost")
      --legacy                           If true, tilt will open in legacy terminal mode.
      --namespace string                 Default namespace for Kubernetes resources (overrides default namespace from active context in kubeconfig)
      --output-snapshot-on-exit string   If specified, Tilt will dump a snapshot of its state to the specified path when it exits
      --port int                         Port for the Tilt HTTP server. Set to 0 to disable. Overrides TILT_PORT env variable. (default 10350)
      --stream                           If true, tilt will stream logs in the terminal.
      --update-mode string               Control the strategy Tilt uses for updating instances. Possible values: [auto image container exec] (default "auto")
      --web-mode WebMode                 Values: local, prod. Controls whether to use prod assets or a local dev server. (If flag not specified: if Tilt was built from source, it will use a local asset server; otherwise, prod assets.) (default default)
      --webdev-port int                  Port for the Tilt Dev Webpack server. Only applies when using --web-mode=local (default 46764)

Options inherited from parent commands

  -d, --debug      Enable debug logging
      --klog int   Enable Kubernetes API logging. Uses klog v-levels (0-4 are debug logs, 5-9 are tracing logs)
  -v, --verbose    Enable verbose logging


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