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tilt demo

Creates a local, temporary Kubernetes cluster and runs a Tilt sample project


Test out Tilt using an isolated, ephemeral local Kubernetes setup.

Tilt will create a temporary, local Kubernetes development cluster running in Docker. The cluster will be removed when Tilt is exited with Ctrl-C.

A sample project (github.com/tilt-dev/tilt-avatars) will be cloned locally to a temporary directory using Git and launched.

tilt demo [flags]


  -f, --file string        Path to custom Tiltfile to use instead of sample project
  -h, --help               help for demo
      --host string        Host for the Tilt HTTP server and default host for any port-forwards. Set to to listen on all interfaces. Overrides TILT_HOST env variable. (default "localhost")
      --no-cluster         Skip ephemeral cluster creation (requires local K8s cluster to already be configured)
      --port int           Port for the Tilt HTTP server. Set to 0 to disable. Overrides TILT_PORT env variable. (default 10350)
  -r, --repo string        Path to custom repo to use instead of Tiltfile (default "github.com/tilt-dev/tilt-avatars")
      --teardown           Removes any leftover tilt-demo Kubernetes clusters and exits
      --web-mode WebMode   Values: local, prod. Controls whether to use prod assets or a local dev server. (If flag not specified: if Tilt was built from source, it will use a local asset server; otherwise, prod assets.) (default default)
      --webdev-port int    Port for the Tilt Dev Webpack server. Only applies when using --web-mode=local (default 46764)

Options inherited from parent commands

  -d, --debug                          Enable debug logging
      --klog int                       Enable Kubernetes API logging. Uses klog v-levels (0-4 are debug logs, 5-9 are tracing logs)
      --log-flush-frequency duration   Maximum number of seconds between log flushes (default 5s)
  -v, --verbose                        Enable verbose logging


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