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Tilt CLI Reference

tilt dump webview

dump the state backing the webview


Dumps the state backing the webview to stdout.

The webview is the JSON used to render the React UX.

The format of the dump state does not make any API or compatibility promises, and may change frequently.

tilt dump webview [flags]


  -h, --help       help for webview
      --port int   Port for the Tilt HTTP server (default 10350)

Options inherited from parent commands

  -d, --debug                          Enable debug logging
      --klog int                       Enable Kubernetes API logging. Uses klog v-levels (0-4 are debug logs, 5-9 are tracing logs)
      --log-flush-frequency duration   Maximum number of seconds between log flushes (default 5s)
      --trace                          Enable tracing
      --traceBackend string            Which tracing backend to use. Valid values are: 'windmill', 'lightstep', 'jaeger' (default "windmill")
  -v, --verbose                        Enable verbose logging


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