Big News!  Tilt is joining Docker

Editor Support

Whether you’re just starting or are a seasoned Tilter, writing Tiltfiles should not be tedious.
We want to make it easy to experiment with your Tiltfile, so you can experience the magic of Tilt’s responsiveness with minimal interruptions to your development flow, that includes switching context to look up Tiltfile documentation.

We’re offering Tiltfile support for VS Code and select IDEs of the JetBrains suite.
All code is public and open source. We appreciate contributions of all kinds.

VS Code

The official Tiltfile extension is available at the VS Code marketplace.
It provides syntax highlighting, autocomplete and signature support for Tiltfile functions.

TextMate bundles

The tiltfile.tmbundle offers syntax highlighting for any IDEs supporting TextMate bundles, like IntelliJ GoLand, PyCharm or WebStorm.