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Tilt is currently available for MacOS and Linux.

You’ll also need:

  • Docker, to build containers
  • Kubectl, to cuddle your cluster
  • A local Kubernetes cluster (on MacOS, Docker For Mac works for this!)

Already use Docker Compose for local dev? You can also use Tilt to run your existing Docker Compose setup, in which case all you need to have installed (besides Tilt) is Docker Compose, and you can ignore Kubernetes-specific instructions on this page.

On MacOS

$ kubectl config get-contexts
$ kubectl config use-context docker-for-desktop
$ brew tap windmilleng/tap
$ brew install windmilleng/tap/tilt

Option B) Installing Tilt from release binaries

$ curl -L https://github.com/windmilleng/tilt/releases/download/v0.8.6/tilt.0.8.6.mac.x86_64.tar.gz | tar -xzv tilt && \
  sudo mv tilt /usr/local/bin/tilt

On Linux

$ minikube start
  • Verify that it works by opening a terminal and running
$ kubectl cluster-info
  • Install the Tilt binary with:
$ curl -L https://github.com/windmilleng/tilt/releases/download/v0.8.6/tilt.0.8.6.linux.x86_64.tar.gz | tar -xzv tilt && \
    sudo mv tilt /usr/local/bin/tilt

From Source

If you’d prefer to install tilt from source,

  • Install go 1.11. Make sure the Go install directory (usually $HOME/go/bin) is on your $PATH.
  • Run:
$ go get -u github.com/windmilleng/tilt/cmd/tilt


After you install Tilt, verify that you installed it correctly with:

$ tilt version
v0.8.6, built 2019-05-16


If you have any trouble installing Tilt, look for the error message in the Troubleshooting FAQ.

Next Steps

You’re ready to start using Tilt! Try our Tutorial to setup your project in 15 minutes.