Tilt is currently available for macOS and Linux. Windows support is available in alpha.

You’ll also need:

  • Docker, to build containers
  • Kubectl, to get information about your cluster
  • A local Kubernetes cluster (on macOS, Docker For Mac works for this!)

On macOS

kubectl config use-context docker-desktop

Installing the tilt binary is a one-step command:

curl -fsSL | bash

On Linux

sudo snap install microk8s --classic && \
sudo microk8s.enable dns && \
sudo microk8s.enable registry
  • Make microk8s your local Kubernetes cluster:
sudo microk8s.kubectl config view --flatten > ~/.kube/microk8s-config && \
KUBECONFIG=~/.kube/microk8s-config:~/.kube/config kubectl config view --flatten > ~/.kube/temp-config && \
mv ~/.kube/temp-config ~/.kube/config && \
kubectl config use-context microk8s

Installing the tilt binary is a one-step command:

curl -fsSL | bash

Windows (alpha)

Each Tilt release contains an alpha build for Windows. It is not actively being developed at the moment. If you are interested in Windows support, contact us or upvote this GitHub issue.


After you install Tilt, verify that you installed it correctly with:

tilt version


If you have any trouble installing Tilt, look for the error message in the Troubleshooting FAQ.

Next Steps

You’re ready to start using Tilt! Try our Tutorial to setup your project in 15 minutes.

Alternative Installation

The 1-step installation script will install the most recent version of Tilt.

The installer first checks if you can install Tilt with Homebrew. If you’d prefer to run Homebrew manually, run:

brew install windmilleng/tap/tilt

Otherwise, the installer downloads a static tilt binary and puts it under /usr/local/bin. See Tilt’s GitHub Releases page for specific versions. If you’d prefer to download the binary manually:

On macOS:

curl -fsSL | tar -xzv tilt && \
  sudo mv tilt /usr/local/bin/tilt

On Linux:

curl -fsSL | tar -xzv tilt && \
  sudo mv tilt /usr/local/bin/tilt

Finally, if you want to install tilt from source, see the developers’ guide.

Building from source requires both Go and TypeScript/JavaScript tools, and dynamically compiles the TypeScript on every run. We only recommend this if you want to make changes to Tilt.