Structuring Multiple Repos

When you run tilt up in a terminal, Tilt looks for a Tiltfile in that directory, parses it, and typically starts multiple services rooted in that directory. Usually that directory is one git source-controlled repo. But what if you you need to run multiple services, spread across multiple repos, during development? Tilt supports that too.

Entrypoint Tiltfile

First create a Tiltfile for each repo that has resources of interest. Then, have an “entrypoint” repo with a Tiltfile that points to other Tiltfiles in other repos. Typically this would be in a parent directory. You then run Tilt in the entrypoint repo, with logic that starts resources in those other repos. In particular, use include() or load() to load those resources.

Each team or developer may have different needs in starting specific services, especially if your entrypoint Tiltfile is pointing to many downstream Tiltfiles. Consider using Tiltfile Configs to help customize accordingly.

If you have Tiltfile logic that can be abstracted out of your specific system, consider using Extensions.


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