Big News!  Tilt is joining Docker

From Skaffold to Tilt

Tilt is a great upgrade to Skaffold for local dev. This doc compares Tilt to Skaffold and describes how to translate your configuration, so you’ll be ready to go through the Write a Tiltfile Guide.


  • Tilt’s UI shows you status at a glance, so errors can’t scroll off-screen. You can navigate the UI in your terminal and dig into the logs for just one service. (Tilt also has a global log if you do want the full firehose).
  • Tilt’s configuration is Starlark, a subset of Python. This allows simple configs to be shorter and complex configs to be possible.

Translate Skaffold Configuration

Skaffold concepts map almost directly into Tilt. Let’s translate an example Skaffold configuration with two deployments and two images:

apiVersion: skaffold/v1alpha5
kind: Config
  - image:
    context: snack
  - image:
    context: spoonerisms
      - deployments/snack.yaml
      - deployments/spoonerisms.yaml

The corresponding Tiltfile is:

k8s_yaml(['deployments/snack.yaml', 'deployments/spoonerisms.yaml'])
docker_build('', 'snack')
docker_build('', 'spoonerisms')