Sharing Snapshots

Snapshots save your Tilt state to a file, so you (or another Tilt user) can later load that file, and interactively explore logs and error status for that moment in time. This can help with async debugging, and add context to bug reports.

Snapshots were once part of the since-deprecated Tilt Cloud, but are now offline-only.

Via Command Line

With a Tilt session running, run tilt snapshot create <file> to create a JSON file.

Then, run tilt snapshot view <file> to view the Snapshot.

A header on the top of the screen shows that you’re viewing a Snapshot.

Via Tilt Web

Create a Snapshot by clicking on the top-right of the screen, then clicking the “Save Snapshot” button.

To view the downloaded Snapshot, run tilt snapshot view <file> in your Terminal.